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      Revert Jmalloc · cad1ca97
      Nikola Majkic authored
      dmalloc make problems with camera on M so we will stay on jmalloc
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      msm8226-common: Update GPS header for M · b08ac9cd
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      Custom PowerHAL implementation · 17591b33
      Gabriele M authored
      PowerHAL highlights:
      * The CPU governor is always interactive. Governor changes are not
        expected and permissions are set once on boot.
      * Powersave profile: the CPU frequency is limited 787MHz and the CPU
        is never boosted on user interaction. This will save power without
        making the phone unbearably slow.
      * Performance profile: the CPU is constantly boosted.
      * Balanced profile: the CPU is boosted on user interaction.
        When the screen is turned off, the governor is tuned to lower the
        power consumption to save power in case of long lasting screen off
        activities such as music playback.
      * Currently there are no restrictions on the number of active cores.
      With this PowerHAL cpu-boost is not needed, so keep it disabled.
      In addition to that, drop all the properties based profiles and set
      config_perf_profile_prop to "powerhal" to make the framework send
      hints to PowerHAL when the power profile is changed.
      msm8226-common: PowerHAL: Initialize mutex
      Since the mutex is declared as static, this went unnoticed, but mutexes
      should always be initialized, so do it.
      msm8226-common: PowerHAL: Don't override user selected profiles
      Save and restore the last selected profile so that the user preference
      is not lost when transitioning out the low power mode. Also, don't
      actually change the profile if in low power mode, but don't discard
      the user preference.
      msm8226-common: Refactor PowerHAL
      Make the HAL generic by keeping the device dependent configuration
      separate. This allows to easily add or edit the profiles.
      The HAL should behave exactly as before, except for the fact that now
      there might be some useless writes when the screen is turned off.
      Change-Id: I6bb01a14f0058c59986989568e7766f4203150cc
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