Commit b7a0e214 authored by Ricardo Cerqueira's avatar Ricardo Cerqueira
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ril: Convert the qualcomm card-swap states into standard ones

parent 9308180c
......@@ -162,7 +162,14 @@ public class LgeLteRIL extends RIL implements CommandsInterface {
IccCardApplicationStatus ca;
IccCardStatus status = new IccCardStatus();
int cardState = p.readInt();
/* Standard stack doesn't recognize REMOVED and SIM_DETECT_INSERTED,
* so convert them to ABSENT and PRESENT to trigger the hot-swapping
* check */
if (cardState > 2) {
cardState -= 3;
status.mGsmUmtsSubscriptionAppIndex = p.readInt();
status.mCdmaSubscriptionAppIndex = p.readInt();
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